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Nodus Tollens (2018) is an experimental analog film that derives from my interest in personal stories, traumas and identity. The film is based on interviews with my mom and her 8 sisters. It portrays their personality, culture and beliefs in one voice and one character.


Reflecting on "the personal is political" movement, from second-wave feminism from the late 1960s, I support the theory that says the experiences, feelings, and possibilities of our personal lives are not just a matter of personal preferences and choices but are limited, molded, and defined by the broader political and social setting. They feel personal, and their details are personal, but their broad texture and character, and especially the limits within which these evolve, are largely systemic.


The film is supported by the research based documentary, Sisters (2015), that contains the interviews I've done in 2015. Sisters (2015) provides a deeper look into the family issues that intrigued me while growing up in Brazil, and explores how the colonial period have affected women differently than men.

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