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“Marcianas” is a series of micro-videos by Paula Turmina and Lara Ovidio that propose to imagine the first gestures of colonization of the planet Mars. A voice accompanies travelers. It is a survival guide, which is confused with an attempt to control and complete artificialization of life. A hybrid existence is lived, between the virtual and the real, between the present and the future. The images of life on earth chase, desires spring up and ruptures and disobediences soon prevail. Be aware: not everything is fiction, documentary aspects are also part of the narrative. This is a collaborative work by Lara and Paula, produced virtually at the Casa da Escada Colorida Residence, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instigated by the sending of scout vehicles to Mars, as well as the ongoing catastrophe on Earth, the artists created an Instagram filter that fictionalizes the Martian landscape, an escape route that never ends. Guests imagine, propose actions and film themselves, freely and spontaneously. Participating in this edition were: Asafe Ghalib, Bruna Drummond, Catarine Turmina, Clarissa Rego, Mariam Daychoum, Mario Radev, Regis Novato, Rodrigo D'Alcântara, Sofia Bauchwitz and Thilo Seevers.

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